Do you want to please your customers?

[China Glass Network] Today I still want to talk to you about the topic of old growth talks, sales staff's problems, face customers, sales staff, if you don't know how to communicate effectively with your customers, then you are sure No order will be reached.

Let's take a simpler case. Please take out the photos you used to graduate. Who will you notice in front of you? When you look in the mirror in the mall, there are many people in the mirror. Who do you notice? When you chat with friends, do you like to talk about yourself or something that has nothing to do with yourself? I believe that the above three questions, you will answer is yourself, for the customer, it is also a truth, when communicating with customers, remember to talk about him. Because everyone is in the eyes of the world, for example: many girls especially like to go shopping to buy clothes, if today she spent a lot of money to buy a dress that she thinks is very beautiful, if there is no colleague in the company. When she noticed this, she felt a sense of loss; on the contrary, if many colleagues paid attention to her and praised her, she would feel very happy; many women especially like to put their children's photos on the desk in the office, women. Usually it is more important to see your child than yourself. If you turn a blind eye to someone else's child, then she usually thinks that there is no personal relationship with you. Everyone is a public to the public. You think that you will communicate with her next. Will it be very smooth? So you must be praised when you see someone else's children. Everyone likes to say what they like. Many sales people always talk about their favorite content when they communicate with customers, such as playing basketball, but customers like football. When sales people talk about basketball with great interest, customers There is no interest at all, so every salesperson should cultivate more points of interest and find a place to resonate with customers.

Everyone wants others to share their happiness and pain. When they encounter happy things, we always want to share with others. Some people can be happy with us, even if they are strangers, especially when others take the initiative. When we are happy, we can get our good feelings. The same is true for customers. Salespeople should take the initiative to care about customers such as customers being promoted, discharged, married, birthday, have children, and so on. Similarly, when we encounter pain, we also hope that someone cares about us, even if it is a greeting, we will be grateful. Everyone wants others to pay attention to their feelings. For example, customers like to eat light tastes rather than spicy flavors. Customers like to drink tea instead of coffee, so when dealing with customers, they should treat their customers' things as their own business. Care about the customer's feelings.

Of course, if you choose to listen to customers, you are not blindly wooing your customers. What you have to do is to care about what your customers care about, grab his interest and lead his thinking and then return to the products and services you want to sell.

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