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Hans Christian Andersen is a famous Danish 19th century fairy tale writer and founder of the world's fairy tale literature. Andersen combines the life conception into the creation of fairy tales and creates a series of outstanding fairy tales that are world-renowned. These optimistic spirits and eulogizing stories give children hope, harmony, warmth and beauty. They lead people to the noble and beautiful human nature, ignite the flames of truth, goodness and beauty in the human heart and make the world full of humanity . In the spirit of inheriting and promoting the essence of Andersen Fairy Tales, the world fairy tale master, and dedicated to "care for the next generation, promoting truth, kindness and beauty", "Andersen Children's World" has opened a new chapter in the industry of children's industry in China. Andersen Children's World belongs to bright innocence (Shanghai) Children's Products Co., Ltd. is a group of professionals from inside and outside the industry based on the same philosophy together to create. Lit Child (Shanghai) Children's Products Co., Ltd. is specially authorized by Danish Hans Christian Andersen Cultural Foundation (China's sole legitimacy) to focus on providing high quality daily necessities and experience services to Chinese children. Andersen Children's World is dedicated to creating a unique world of children with a "widening of horizons, growth of knowledge and self-awareness to showcase and experience colorful childhoods". It will uphold this goal and create value for Chinese children while continuing to repay society, Let more children in China and the world experience the beliefs and values ​​brought about by Andersen's Children's World.

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