Natural cotton 2012 spring and summer new attention to the effective health of infants and young children

Organic ecological baby clothing brand natural cotton 2012 spring and summer children's clothing new with practical action to pay attention to the effective health of infants and young children. Basic necessities of life, clothing led, how to make your baby more at ease, so that your baby from childhood exposed to pure ecological organic life. Natural cotton 2012 spring and summer of the new natural cotton parents parents have a more intuitive understanding of organic life opportunities, but also to allow more caring parents are concerned about environmental protection is also fashion, the organic can shape the future of the pure ecological field, to experience the true color baby cotton to organic Cotton, natural colored cotton and other environmentally friendly fabrics bring you the feeling of environmental protection, safety and comfort, understand the natural cotton raw materials, organic planting, production and processing technology behind the story. Natural cotton 2012 spring and summer new "natural cotton" brand aims to provide natural, comfortable, environmentally friendly clothing supplies for the world's mother babies, so that children grow up with nature and grow up healthily. "Natural cotton" is the leading brand in the world market of professional green fabric baby clothes. It is in line with the international organic GOTS and OCIA certification standards and the European Union OEKO-Tex100 textile quality and safety standards. It belongs to the first infant with the concept of environmental cotton imported in China at present Clothing products, in the market positioning and development potential are tremendous space, more easily meet the current Chinese parents baby clothing environmental protection, safety and comfort appeal.

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