Whether the color spinning fashion has fashion competitiveness

180 days of day and night and 17 years, 22 provinces and cities, more than 100 colleges and universities, 345 works, the collection of these figures is the 2010 "Huafu Cup" color spinning fashion design competition is an important symbol. The value of color spinning innovation The so-called color spinning, is the first fiber dyed colored fibers, and then two or more different colors of fiber through a thorough mixing, spinning into a unique color mixing effect of yarn. The color spinning can achieve the hazy stereoscopic effect and the texture which can not be achieved by the white blank dyeing. Some of the contestants are drawn from natural, simple and pure cotton material with color knitting, with three-dimensional cut to create a three-dimensional structure, natural and dynamic series of clothing; some inspired by contaminated flowers and trees to The natural color of spinning reflects the importance of environmental protection. Some contrast the fashion, environmental protection, science and technology characteristics of the colored spinning yarn with the texture of the large-sized yarn, which reflects the soft beauty of the colored spinning yarn. Taken together, the first color yarn dyed, spinning after the color spinning process, different colors, all kinds of color platter effect can be achieved, to the fashion designer left a vast space for imagination. Color spinning to bring innovation to the present 80, 90 after the birth of consumer groups, focusing on the personalized dress style and personal feelings. They focus on the community, concerned about the environment, concerned about the humanities, concerned about the original, pay attention to the inner demands, a deeper understanding of fashion, to meet such consumer groups, fast cheap fashion swept the world. ZARA profitability brand model invincible success in the world is the best interpretation of this. The color spinning fashion with its environmental protection, cheap fashion, the characteristics of science and technology meet the current trend of the times, by the recent H & M, ZARA, Li Ning, Metersbonwe and other sports brands and fast fashion brands of all ages. Metersbonwe Fabric Purchasing Manager said that the color of the performance of color yarn impressive, it is widely used in Metersbonwe knitting, woven new products. Nike US fabric procurement and development manager told reporters that the color spinning less pollution, and to the maximum extent possible to control the color, coupled with the use of renewable cotton, organic cotton, bamboo fiber and viscose fiber extracted from the wood pulp, so that It gradually became the new favorite of the major apparel brands in the world. Nike in cotton sports and leisure wear a lot of color spinning yarn has been a long time. Fujian seven wolves Industrial Co., Ltd. Brand Designer Shi Shiqi believes that the use of colored yarn in the product more and more, should also be in the lead in three areas. Designers believe that the color spinning design competition brings original and technology design thinking. About the original, has been generally recognized as the weakness of China's fashion design. "Chinese apparel brand follow the trend of the West, the lack of their original. Only technology and original design can create long-term vitality for the apparel brand." Innovation at the source of the industrial chain is the original foundation. "Zhong Wei, Associate Professor of Wuhan Textile University College of Clothing said. Promote color fashion with the times combined with color spinning fashion contest is more important significance is to promote integrated industrial chain innovation. Color spinning is an intermediate product upstream of the fashion industry chain. Its unique product features can only be demonstrated by the integrated innovation of the entire upstream and downstream industry chain relying on weaving, clothing and even brand retailing. Li Binhong, director of the National Textile Product Development Center, believes that ZARA and H & M style fashion clothing makes "fashionable popularization," and Decathlon sportswear makes "functional civilian use." This is the mainstream trend of consumer goods. The development of color spinning products should also Conform to this trend, pay attention to fashion, function and ecology of the three elements. First, on the basis of macroeconomic and cultural awareness, we analyze the influence of consumer psychology on popular colors and take the theme of different lifestyles. Second, make full use of innovation and technology in the textile industry to enrich the expressiveness of colored spun yarn. Including different combinations of raw materials to bring different hand feel, gloss and function; using different spinning techniques to improve the yarn quality and more varied structure; using different dyeing and finishing techniques to bring more low-carbon manufacturing processes Wait. Third, the application of color spinning in the end of the garment will no longer stay in the basic models such as underwear and T-shirts, but with the expansion of knitwear applications, more and more used in fashion sweaters, dresses , Jackets and other clothing line, different end uses, the yarn structure, twist and other technical requirements are different, the production of colored spun need more research and development to meet the end-use for yarn performance index Claim.


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