Li Ning Panklandi hand targeted children's sports market vacancies

Li Ning children's wear products in the domestic clothing brand, sportswear brand with a relatively high degree of international standards. As a leader in the sports brand, Li Ning is undoubtedly the leader in this area. In the face of the financial crisis, although Li Ning was somewhat affected, the overall performance still increased. Parkland Piedmont children's clothing and children's clothing brand in the first echelon of the Pikelan Di, is the children's wear industry's most professional children's clothing brand operations experts. Li Ning and Parkland cooperation in the first quarter of 2010 launched Li Ning children's clothing. For the children's wear industry, this is undoubtedly the most eye-catching industry in 2010 a major event. Someone said that the industry that is most profitable in the next ten years will be the one that focuses on children-related industries. Obviously, relying on a large number of consumer base, the children's clothing industry is bound to accelerate the pace of development. Li Ning and Parkland together to launch Li Ning children's clothing, is "the right time to do the right thing." Cooperation comes from the two-way choice When it comes to cooperation is how to achieve, Patrick Crane, vice president of marketing Lv Zhiyong said: "The cooperation between enterprises is like a marriage, both parties have the will to reach the final conclusion of our cooperation with Li Ning, too As a leading brand in the sports industry, Li Ning has the professional field of sports; and we work hard in the children's clothing industry more than 10 years, the children's wear industry, children's wear market has a more thorough understanding of the combination of the two, for the birth of Li Ning children's clothing played a catalyst role . "Founded in 1994, Parkland Empire, experienced all the ups and downs of children's clothing in recent years, completed the transformation from weak to strong, now has a number of brands, opened more than 200 cities in the market and march international market. Speaking of this cooperation model, Lu Zhiyong said that this is a deep cooperation. The combination of Li Ning's professional experience in the field of sports and Parkland's expertise in the field of children's wear is not only strong and strong but also favored by collaborators in their field and supported by everyone. Li Ning, after the introduction of children's clothing news came out, many children's clothing agents, franchisees have said they are willing to sell; there are many sports brand dealers also found Parkland Emperor, expressed willingness to act as Li Ning children's clothing. Mall and Sports City managers have also come to discuss cooperation. Lv Zhiyong said that in the foreseeable future, Li Ning children's clothing market channels than ever before, any children's clothing brand are more abundant. Pay attention to the protection of children's sports For the professionalism of children's wear Li-Ning, send Crane Emperor is looking forward to. Movement is the child's nature, in the child's growth process, how to make children comfortable and safe exercise, is the pursuit of children's clothing. Lv Zhiyong said: "Now the children's professional sports brand Volkswagen is a blank market, although the foreign Adidas, Nike already entered the Chinese children's clothing market, but their relatively high price for high-end consumers. We will make Li Ning children's clothes more price Competitive, and more concerned about the professional, concerned about the growth and development of children, concerned about the protection of children's sports. "There are many specific requirements of the child's growth process, such as the design conducive to the development of the arch, the particularity of the proportion of the body. Athletes wear sportswear may only be on the field during the time, and children wear sportswear most likely is the day. Therefore, perspiration and quick-drying children's sportswear requirements is very important. Lv Zhiyong said that in the design of sports shoes, should focus on flexibility, but also protective. He said that now many consumers buy sports shoes for their children only focus on the comfort requirements of the soft soles, but in fact, only the soft in the sport can not protect the safety of children's movement, soles should be both flexible and relative Hard and firm, so that children can not be hurt in sports. For these research and development on sports protection, Li Ning children's wear has been carefully laid out. Lv Zhiyong said that Li Ning children's clothing will be invited to design Japanese director as design director, in the course of operation will continue to enrich the product line, so that design and development continue to appear bright spot. If you say that Adidas Nike complained of a American dream; then, Li Ning is the embodiment of the Chinese dream. Li Ning's slogan is "everything is possible." Li Ning children's wear will also follow this slogan. Lv Zhiyong said: "Li Ning children's clothing will be more affinity than foreign brands, is like telling the story around us because we are designing clothes for the children around us." The first quarter of 2010, Li Ning children's clothing will be in the country 20 Many cities opened the first batch of stores, Li Ning children's clothing channels will also have a broader space, will be involved in other children's clothing brands can not get involved in the field of professional sports. For the future of Li Ning's children's wear, Lv Zhiyong said: "Li Ning's position in the Chinese sports market is obvious to all .Li Ning's children's clothing is our imagination. "

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