Valley women's neoclassical pastoral style

Integration of wholeheartedly, all-wise, full of life-loving brand spirit connotation and the European classical culture pastoral style of culture: blend of English pastoral and French pastoral style features, extending the European neoclassical pastoral style; both leisure and romance One, in line with the epidemic of the entire market trend that the consumer to personalized, casual, fashion and brand change. " Valley its " target consumer groups positioning large, medium-sized cities in the mid-range clothing consumer groups, small cities in the high-end consumer groups, the age group is 25 to 35-year-old young women, this age group of consumers, there is a certain Economic base and cultural literacy, emphasize the quality of life and focus on quality of life.


In 2000, 谷其女装 新古典主义田园风格 The brand is allowed to register in China. Taking the European-style pastoral style as the starting point, we make full use of hand-embroidered, discounted, lace, trimming and other craftsmanship, combining the popular elements to show the unique charm of the brand, which is unique in the Chinese market. In 2007, Classic inheritance and popular innovation, and further enhance the brand's art, fashion and internationalization, innovative European neoclassical pastoral style;
In 2009, the face of the rapid changes in brand women's development and market segmentation needs, the introduction of the concept of apparel product planning, the establishment of brand operations center, and firmly take the design and development as the center, the modern marketing as the leading brand operation, reshape the business CIS system, Valley brand to create a connotation, culture, personality of the international brand.

谷其女装 新古典主义田园风格

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