Five Misunderstandings and Solutions for SMEs to Launch Network Marketing

[China Glass Network] In recent years, network marketing has been ubiquitous with the development of the Internet. I remember that in 2006, only a thousand small and medium-sized enterprises in Beijing paid attention to online marketing. At the same time, according to the investigation of small and medium-sized enterprises, there is still a relatively high degree of trust in network marketing. 67% of SMEs still believe that online marketing can significantly promote their business. In addition, data research experts at iResearch released that in 2001, only 70,000 companies in China used search engines to promote them. Then in 2003, the number of enterprises reached more than 260,000, and in 2006, it reached more than 640,000. Home so in 2012 this year can be imagined to be ubiquitous including traditional industries.

Many small and medium-sized enterprises have already experienced the obvious rewards brought by online marketing. A company in Beijing said: Our company's website has achieved an increase in traffic and consulting in just one month. It can be seen that as long as we do, we will have a business improvement for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Can network marketing really be so smooth?

Internet marketing has five major misunderstandings

In the first China Network Marketing Symposium, experts summarized the guidance of small and medium-sized enterprises on network marketing, and the five major misunderstandings of small and medium-sized enterprises' network marketing: the purpose of the former is not clear, and many enterprises are blindly following the trend of the network, and there is no clear The goals and strategies have led to a waste of a lot of human and financial resources without gaining benefits. Secondly, there is also a department that is pursuing a form that is very good on the website but has very little information in it and is not able to attract The content of the customer, third: Some companies think that “the wine is not afraid of the alley”, as long as the website is not ready for promotion, then the website is like a company’s facade without waiting for publicity, so there will be no Return. Fourth: blindly choose the Internet marketing model, there is no screening and planning investigation. Fifth: Some companies are not sure how to evaluate, no tools or no one.

Out of the wrong zone, network marketing promotion is the core

There are three main links in network marketing. The construction of the front website is the core. The second network promotion is the core third, and the customer service is the guarantee and the dual core. These three stages are indispensable and important in network marketing. There is no shortage of any of these links, otherwise it is better to use a marketing tool that cannot convert customers into volume. So what kind of promotion model is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises? In the current common search engine promotion, on the one hand, the search bidding and natural ranking are two modes. Search bidding promotion is an effective payment promotion model. Baidu, Google, Yahoo, Soso, etc. provide a larger service provider for such products. The fee promotion is a kind of fixed fee for promotion, which can be monthly or annual. fee.

As the domestic network marketing cognition moves from the previous concept to the pragmatic, the domestic Internet industry has also matured, especially the network promotion service. Many companies have acquired a large number of potential customers through network promotion products, and more and more companies have tasted the sweetness. In 2003, China's online marketing market was 1.82 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 74% in 2004 and a market size of 3.17 billion yuan. It is estimated that the scale of China's online marketing market will reach 7 billion yuan in 2006.

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