Nochi men's brand is about to hit the heavy CHIC 2012 Beijing

Knock is a self-branded apparel retailer (SPA) based on the analysis, utilization and mining of terminal member database, through the vertical integration and management of the supply chain, to provide consumers with accurate and fast fashion apparel at a fast and cost-effective price. , Accurate supply and risk reduction are core strengths of this innovative model. Knock's buyer-friendly designer team delivers precision fashion product offerings and marketing through its collection of popular intelligence in Paris, Milan, London and Tokyo, as well as the scientific analysis of membership databases and an efficient, informative supply chain management system. In supply chain management, the Company's terminal sales information is shared with suppliers and relevant departments of the Company in real time, accelerating the synchronous response to the market, shortening the leading period of products and greatly reducing the risk and cost of circulation. Based on this, Nuoqi innovation launched the "direct management, 100% off-the-shelf, unlimited orders at any time" to join the model, leading the Chinese apparel retail chain changes. Hall No .: E1: Men's Booth No .: E1212 Time: March 26-29, 2012 Venue: Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Hall - 88 Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu District, Shunyi District, Beijing) Introducing Nochi Products Mainly clothing, shoes, leather goods and accessories, product style is divided into cutting-edge fashion, business and leisure and holiday leisure. "Fashion avant-garde" emphasizes the modern and personalized design, highlighting the young fashion temperament; "Holiday Leisure" to create a relaxed and easy-going urban style and casual casual wearing experience; and "business and leisure," while in the simple, Stylish, decent, elegant, introverted and steady atmosphere of the urban style. The three major styles of clothing are unique and intimate details of the design highlights the attention of the men's fashion style, to pay attention to the material achievement of a casual minimalist luxury; with a diversified design portfolio, fashion men's pairing a rich and unique modeling.

Tattoo Choker is one handmade weaved stretch Necklace. Tattoo choker is loved by 90s young people as it is Light, Elastic and delicate. when we wear it, it looks like tattoo, so it called tattoo choker. Of course, we also produce other match products, like tattoo Bracelet and tattoo ring to meet tattoo choker set. Tattoo choker also has many different colors, you can pick color to wear, also you can wear multi colors on once.
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Tattoo Choker

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