"Night Charm & Lure ..." - CHANGE SHE 2012 Fall New Orders will be held soon

Whirling tree shadow in the late night gorgeous swaying in the wind, gently peering CHANGE SHE charm of the dream, in the dream, gorgeous she enjoyed stretching their own unique sexy, like the night of the dark magic genie to Unrestrained and enthusiastic, slowly melting the night ... ... After a time of transformation and baptism, and finally, she was awake, mature, her lips slightly more attractive charm, dark incense she danced from late autumn night and Come, once again bold interpretation of the extreme temptation of fashion dynamic, people in the colorful experience CHANGE SHE 2012 autumn charm and fantasy!

千细 - changeshe

March 9 ~ 12, 2012, CHANGE SHE Fall 2012 "Night Charm & Lure ..." The new dynamic display & ordering event will be held in Guangzhou Qianwei headquarters for everyone to showcase the most unique and trendy Autumn new products, invites new and old customers and media friends across the country scheduled to participate in this event, visit CHANGE SHE "Night Charm & lure ..." of the colorful and charming, witnessed CHANGE SHE fashion mark!

Looking forward to your visit!

The Wedopus brand was founded in 2016, a young business manufacturing ladies fashion footwear, occasion , and Bridal Shoes. We identified that the market place lacked an offering of high fashion yet comfortable bridal collection. Therefore in 2016 with this key objective, the brand Wedopus was born.  

Wedge Heel Wedding Shoes, chunky heel make you not tired on your big day. 

We are a comprehensive bridal & occasionwear collection offering a broad variety of styles to consolidate consumer tastes and budget. Therefore allowing our retailers to enjoy a fast, effective and profitable buying experience. Comfort technology is paramount to us, with comfort pads, memory foam cushioning, and breathable lining at the forefront of our designs. In addition to this, We supply for a series of customized service, such as heel, color, decoration,  so all of our customers have the choice of having their shoes dyed if they wish!

We are Wedopus, and we hope you enjoy our collections!

Wedge Heel

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