Super fashion accessories Gaga Fan full

Leading : Persephoni from Greece tries to create an ultra-fashionable alternative personality girl image with a geometrical metal jewelry full of punk visual sense. From necklaces to socks and other objects are all available, Gaga Fan full.

超时尚配饰 Gaga范十足(图1)

Lady Gaga's unique bow haircut is full of coolness

超时尚配饰 Gaga范十足(图2)

Silver metal highlights the texture of the jewelry

超时尚配饰 Gaga范十足(图3)

Black handbag is simple and low-key

超时尚配饰 Gaga范十足(图4)

Unique triangle design more sense of style

超时尚配饰 Gaga范十足(图5)

Metallic gloves are more rock

The total number of accessories on the dresser highlights the owner's unique taste, while Persephoni from Greece tries to create an alternative personality girl image like Lady Gaga from a necklace to a sock using a geometrical metal jewelry full of punk visuality. All kinds of things are readily available. The black gloves wrapped a circle of polygonal metal, neatly stacked with silver multi-layered elements on the sides of the socks, and Lady Gaga's unique ribbon-shaped bracelet, which is all avant-garde. And Gaga Fan children.

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