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Adhering to the Italian sports fashion brand Lotto, which sponsors television and movie lines, this season is inspired by Andy Lau and Gong Li’s starring movie “I Know Women's Mind” and created the “feel” series of products including men's and women's clothing and scarves. Rain boots and so on. Recently, in Hangzhou Jiefang Road store, there was a scent experience experience with consumers in Hangzhou.

The scent of fresh orchids, colorful smart clothes and new and vivid classic designs are all out of control of the curiosity of the scent "microcapsule" technology used by new products. It is understood that Lotto products in the new season jumped out of the conventional design ideas, so that clothing products from the past focus on visual effects shifted to pay attention to the smell effect. It is understood that this technology, through friction and the body's own heat, can make the fragrance in the “microcapsule” printing evenly and persistently emit without being affected by washing, and it is non-toxic and harmless, adding a unique smell and fashion experience to everyday wear.

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