Talking about the Method of Improving the Conversion Rate by SEM

[China Glass Network] SEM focuses on how to improve the conversion rate, let customers who come to our website stay and give them better services, in order to achieve greater profits.

The interface style of the front and the website: the main color of the website should not exceed three, and the background color is better with white. The tone is based on refreshing, fashionable and aesthetic. After all, most of the online shopping is between the ages of 25-35.

Second, the speed of website opening: slow, is more deadly, even if we open it will be impatient, let alone the users of Shanxi seo.

Third, the layout of the website: After surveying users who use IE6 and 1024*868 resolution users, most of them should be tested in the layout of the website.

Fourth, use the current popular "second kill" marketing strategy to attract customers, but this spike is better placed in the conspicuous place of the website or similar QQ ads popped in the lower right corner, without prejudice to the beauty and the opening speed of the website.

Fifth, you can use the promotional words such as “Today's Gift or Today's Offer” to attract customers, and let customers feel that time is money. After passing this village, there is no such store.

Sixth, on the product detail page, personally suggest placing a reminder next to the product image or near the shopping cart: what kind of discounts you can enjoy now. This is to remind customers that it is worthwhile to buy now. In fact, this is not a business, but it is just tempting customers to consume.

Seventh, the protection and trust of the website shopping. Now many B2C websites place product category navigation on the product page. Although this can improve PV, I personally feel that it is not necessary. Because the space of the website is limited, it is necessary to rely on the front eyes to make customers feel that shopping on your website is guaranteed. Therefore, I have adopted the product classification navigation to change to shopping protection and after-sales service, and even add corporate culture and privacy policy protection.

Eighth, web page public relations and sales: Product sales records and user reviews appear on your website at all times. This is very important, and often many users refer to this to decide whether to buy or not.

Ninth, provide a website FAQ system. This is very important. Many customers often prefer to ask questions about price, quality, and after-sales service before purchasing products. Therefore, it is necessary to display these problems in a conspicuous place on the website.

Tenth, the details of the product picture and the details of the description. The more real the better, the more customers need the details, and hope to know the products they want to buy through all aspects of information. Of course, you should never introduce a long text, you must combine the picture description.

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